Volcanic Hills Winery

Our beautiful tasting room has breathtaking views to enjoy while you sample our delicious wines.

After setting up Volcanic Hills in 2009 and using borrowed winery space, we opened our Tasting Room with a gorgeous view overlooking Lake Rotorua, at the top of the Skyline Gondola in 2012.  Our winery at the base of the Gondola opened for the 2013 winemaking vintage.

This is a must-do in Rotorua. The wine is divine, John Rainbow the tasting manager is a legend and the views can’t be beat. I grew up on a vineyard and my palate danced to the beats of Volcanic Hills grapes. Fantastic wines all around. Taste all 5 and see if you can leave without buying some. I certainly couldn’t. Cheers!

You’d be right in thinking there are no wine grapes in Rotorua!  We are often asked why we are here.  By being where the people are (both domestic and international visitors), we have brought the wine to the people, often saving a long drive to traditional wine regions.  This allows us also to pick and choose where our grapes come from, not restricting us to the loyalty of one region.

We get to choose the best we believe each region has to offer, make our wines in Rotorua and share them with you.  No supermarkets, just hand chosen outlets, restaurants and hotels.

In the Tasting Room we promise not to bamboozle you with wine talk, but we will help you learn which wines you like and why.

We are on a mission to inspire the world to drink better wine!

See you soon.

Opening hours for our Tasting Room at the top of the Skyline Rotorua Gondola

11am – 6pm, last wine tasting time 5.30pm

Due to liquor licensing regulations the Volcanic Hills Winery and Tasting Room are closed on Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and will open at 1pm on Anzac Day (25 April).

tasting options

$46.00 return gondola ride and wine tasting for 5 wines when purchased at the bottom of the gondola
$32.00 return gondola
$16.00 taste all 5 wines we make (30-45 mins)
$11.00 taste 3 wines of your choice (15-30 mins)


$10.00 glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Pinot Gris
$13.00 glass of Pinot Noir
$22.50 Cheese Board
$25.00 Antipasto Platter
$6.50 Wedges and Sour Cream
$10.50 Bread and Dips


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