Anann may be tricky to pronounce and understand for some but never mind – we want to start conversations.

Anann is the Irish word meaning ‘pineapple’.

Great, “Why pineapple?!”, hear you say!

Simple. The pineapple has a long history and association of being a symbol of hospitality and welcome. In bygone days, people would hire pineapples to use as centerpieces at fine dining occasions to show their guests what wonderful hosts they were, having sourced these strange and exotic fruits.

We feel the pineapple is a good representation of ourselves as we are a bit different and have had many years of experience in the hospitality world.

Combined we have worked in six different countries – learning new skills and discovering many things and ways that people enjoy in the way of food and beverage.

We would love Anann to be your local pub, a place to come to when you want to sit at the bar and have a chat, meet the regulars or to make some new friends.

Pubs have been the social network hub of many towns for many generations. Social networking – no internet connection required.

We’ve got you sorted even if you want some peace and quiet. Our beer garden is a quiet place to relax and enjoy the glorious Bay Of Plenty sunshine.

Enjoy the food and drinks at Anann.


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