Now it is time to properly introduce ourselves as we have a lots of questions about who we are. Our chef, Cliff, has causally worked as Sous Chef for the previous owner during past fews years and a while before that he worked at Te puke bakery therefore only perfect muffins and scones will be allowed to serve in our restaurant.

Besides Cliff’s mother cooked amazing food with a lots of secret recipes from his grandmother and I believe that where he has got his talents from.

However, normally Cathy, Cliff’s wife, is not working here as she has her own beauty business to run but still helps Cliff in term of quality control and creation as she was a food columnist for a leading food magazine in Thailand. Our green curry is second to none as she tried so hard to combine her knowledge from attending Thai culinary class at Suan Dusit International Culinary School with this dish and there should be more “East meets West” on our menu in near future.

Once through the garden door the little restaurant comes alive. The house is absolutely lovely, tastefully decorated, tables are set with good cutlery, serviettes, and flowers in vase. The atmosphere is that of an old English Inn. The food and service can’t be faulted. Will definitely call in again when travelling around BOP. What a great little restaurant. Quaint and intimate. The food was excellent as was the service. We’ll definitely be going back.


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