Award Winning Master Groomer - Current Member of the New Zealand Groomteam.

One on one appointment only business to provide calm and peaceful environment for our loved canines.

At Mrs K's Dog Grooming each pet is treated as an individual and the time is spent to ensure your pet is comfortable and happy.

All grooms are conducted by a qualified, kind, gentle and competent groomer, who regularly attends workshops and seminars to keep up to date with the latest trends, styles and techniques.

We offer a full grooming service, which includes two baths with quality dog shampoo and a conditioner treatment to ensure the coat comes out sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Your pooch is then blowdried and fluffed up, and fully brushed and combed out to ensure there are no knots or tangles left at all. Of course we also clip the nails. Ear cleaning and plucking is optional. We don't do it by default anymore because nowadays it's believed it's better to leave them alone if there is nothing wrong with them and there isn't too much hair in them.

Following this we trim your pet in either a breed standard or pet trim to your specifications, again taking the time to ensure that your pet is comfortable and as stress free as possible.


4 Kowhai Ave, Te Puke, New Zealand

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