Say hi to Don!

There’s a story behind Don’s business Natural Therapies (opposite BP). In his 20’s Don was a hard-working sharemilker with aspirations to buy a farm.

In his own words, he was eating too much meat, drinking and smoking and he fell terribly ill at 27 with ‘psoriatic seronegative aggressive polyarthritis’ – meaning, he was in several hospitals for weeks with a prognosis of ‘not being able to walk again and likely having his feet removed’.

Don resolved to find a way to heal and researched natural therapies and diet to pull him through. He is now committed in his business to help others on their health journeys.

Don would like to send a shout out to his wife Deb’s businesses Natural Pet Remedies Store and P l a n t f e t t i (natural plant-based confetti) 🐱🍂

Don would like to know – what’s your ‘go-to’ natural remedy for the cough and cold season?

#knowyourneighbour #loveyourlocal


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