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Brand exposure is now everywhere. Staying on top of your game is a lot about ensuring you have a strong marketing strategy in place, this should include Vehicle Signage. By fully capitalizing on your vehicles advertising potential you can effectively promote your company’s services and products, 24/7.

A branded vehicle is a convenient and noticeable tool to make your services recognizable and provide a professional first impression for your customers. Even a sign on your rear window gives the drivers behind you information about your business and contact details. If your business is related to goods delivery, or you have to drive all over the country, your vehicle body is excellent area for advertising. At Sign Centre we transform vehicles-vans, trucks and cars, into moving billboards. From a simple logo to a full colour printed wrap, we offer turn-key solutions including creative design, production and application.

Pavement Signs, Street Boards and Shop Signage.

The effective promotion of your business is so important in this day and age; with a number of competitive businesses all vying for custom, you must ensure that you stand out from the crowd. There are a million and one ways that you can successfully promote your business but starting from the ground up is a great place to begin. While a pavement sign may not be the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to advertising and sign creations, it can be really effective in drawing in customers from the street. Whether you choose to display an elaborate design or a simple but informative sign, making sure there’s a sign that says you’re open for business can be incredibly beneficial and increase foot traffic almost instantly.


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